Iran having over 157 billion barrels of oil reserves and 33.8 trillion cubic meters of gas reserves, is a major energy supplier in the world  and  will maintain this unique position in the future centuries.

Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering and Construction companies (APEC) was established in the year 2000 and consists of 219 members who are active in major oil, gas, and petrochemical projects. APEC association management structure is consisted of 9 senior members with professional expertise as Board of Directors and 3 inspectors. The election of the Board Members is based on the current laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The election of the Board of Directors is held every 3 years governed by the General Assembly of the Members.

Missions and values  of our  professional and target oriented  work is focused  on meeting  government  and private sector’s demands in order to  satisfy their needs in the best possible manner, while making key decisions in order to constantly boost our Members benefits. Furthermore, to safeguard the long term sustainability as well as ensuring the improvement of our Member companies, APEC has paved the way for joint venture formations with international companies.

 Success in all its aspects enriches and motivates individuals in addition to the entire team of people around us. Our cooperation is based on mutual respect in all areas while co-operating with customers and business clients. Our Members hold the highest standards in different working areas, while upholding the necessary environmental standards to keep a nature friendly environment and treating all resources with great care and respect, keeping both work and private life in balance.

The history of the oil industry in Iran dates back to a century ago when the first oil well in the middle east was successfully drilled  in 1904  in  the oil-rich area of Masjed Suleiman . Iran as a strategic oil producer in the Middle East, holds the oldest oil refinery in the region which is located in Abadan city in Khuzestan province.

The vision of the Members of APEC, as a private NGO association, has been to integrate engineering and administrative facilities in the country in order to promote the industrial activities in the related areas. Over the past half century, APEC Members have shown their abilities in implementing major projects in various fields. Iran, sharing the world’s largest gas field in the South Pars area, has seen many major mega oil and gas projects in this arena. APEC Members have had a formidable and key role in cooperating with the Iranian government and particularly the Ministry of Petroleum in development of South Pars oil and Gas projects. Noteworthy of these projects is phase 12 of the South Pars gas field, producing 75 MCM daily.

In the last two decades APEC Members have been working with international contractors in joint ventures or consortiums. Members of the APEC association have the ability and are ready to form consortiums or JV to participate in major oil, gas and petrochemical projects in other countries as well.

We regard sustainable business management as our main objective.  Moreover, it is vital for us to secure our long-term success by meeting our customer’s needs in order to make both customers and employees satisfied.

Our plans and strategy:

  • Attempting to obtain the legitimate rights of our Members.

  • Exchanging experiences and know how in order to collect the necessary information in recognizing the priorities of projects and finding proper solutions.

  • Enhancing technical and professional knowledge of the Members by exchanging information with scientific and technical organizations and institutions all around the world in addition to inter changing practical experiences with similar associations.

  • Using the collected information to develop new plans to create more jobs in the future.

  • Analyzing the defects and hazards in oil, gas and petrochemical projects in order to solve and enhance their quality during execution.

  • Promoting the relationships among employers, consultants and contractors

  • Evaluating the existing plans in order to propose essential projects based on the needs of the country in the future.

  • Introducing technical and scientific breakthroughs in related areas in order to help to grow the country’s economic and industrial prospects.

  • Co-operating with Governmental organizations and official entities in providing them with consultation regarding oil, gas and petrochemical projects.

  • Providing required consultation on draft legislations and regulation to the legislative body in accordance to APEC’s goals, considering the welfare of its Members.

  • Resolving disputes between Members and other entities through mediation and arbitration.

Behzad Hazrati:

Chairman of the Board of Directors