In order to communicate efficiently with the oil ministry the board of directors has established 9 committees in various fields:

  • Planning and programming g committee
  • Business development and marketing committee ,joint venture and Consortiums
  •  with other associations and
  • Finance and bank

A brief summary of the activities of the board of Directors includes:

-signing an Mou Agreement with Animp Association of Italy.

– Signing an Mou Agreement with the Spanish oil and gas Association, Sercobe

– Signing an Mou agreement with the oil and Gas association of Netherlands….

– Collaboration with the French oil & Gas Association GEP AFTB

With regards to International summits:

Regarding International summits we have participated fully on major oil and gas international summits including the Opec seminar held in Vienna with the participation of the oil ministers of the member countries. Apec Members have been responsible for the oil and gas panels during the president’s visit to Italy and France.

We have also been a constant member of the GECF(Gas Exporting Countries Forum) held in Tehran with the Energy  ministries of the member states.

Regarding the collaboration with the oil ministry we have weekly collaboration with the minister and his deputies on multiple subject … and the ministry takes our opinion in to serious consideration and …the necessary modifications to the rules and regulations ratified by the ministry.

IPC (Iranian petroleum contracts): we are a constant member of the special committee under the supervision of the minister of oil that is held on a weekly basis in the ministry. We are consulted by Nioc,Nigc,Npc,Niopdc,Pedec,Pogc,.. on numerous issues and our opinions our taken under serious consideration for key decision makings.

Apec  CEO,s have also been a key role player in the Tehran IPC summit by holding two panels during the IPC summit in Tehran, which we have presented the capabilities of the Iranian Engineering and constructions firms to a wide range of international audience during this Summit, hence amplifying the potential of Iranian Engineering to foreign companies.

Regarding the IPC we have been a constant member of the energy hears in in the Iranian Parliament in the energy commission.

We also have been request to reflect our opinion to the President’s office in this regard.

Regarding our foreign companies we have had Negotiations for collaborating with Major international oil companies for future cooperation on different occasions, including, Total,Bp ,Repsol,Eni,Shell,Exon mobil,Conoco Philiphs,Gazprom,….

_ APEC in collaboration with the Iran chamber of commerce is responsible for coordination of all foreign delegations in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical in order to exploit the fore coming opportunities.

Regarding financial Resources Apec has Mou with most of the Reputable  Iranian banks in order to facilitate the resource funding of its members, .Apec has signed 2 exclusive agreements with 2 of the most reputable Iranian banks:Mellat Bank and Tejarat Bank in this regard ,which its members fully benefit from this context.

In regional Projects we have constantly monitored the neighboring countries projects and Our members have had multiple experiences in Iraq, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan,Tajiksatan,… and most of the neighboring countries in a vast array of projects.

We are also a member of the Iranian Energy bourse and have held multiple seminars with IFC (Iran Financial center) regarding the financing method for oil & Gas projects in Iran.

Regarding internal conferences we are always invited a s a key note speaker in significant conferences in the oil & gas sector, noteworthy of these conferences are:IPC, National Conference on Law and Energy / Oil and gas pipelines sixth conference / Third Congress of contractors in the oil industry / Economic Forum Resistance / Conference projects with two-factor system (EPC),….