Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering & Construction Companies provides the following services for its members:

– In order to interact actively with our members we have structured the following committees:

1- Planning & Education Committee

2- Marketing Development & Financing Projects Committee

3- Accepting new members & Ranking general contractors Committee

5- Ministry of Petroleum Committee

6- National Iranian Gas Company Committee

7- National Petrochemical Company Committee

8- National Iranian Oil Company Committee

9- Planning and programing department of the ministry of Petroleum committee

We also provide the following Services:

– Providing consulting services in the fields of project finance, insurance, legal Advice,…

– Providing Bankable services including bank guarantees, Loans,…

– Periodic meetings with high level officials of the ministry of Petroleum

– Providing solutions and problem solving of our members in various projects with the ministry of      Petroleum

– Promoting our members in Major internal and international oil & gas exhibitions, Conferences,

– Reflecting the bottle neck problems of our members to the officials in the government, parliament,etc,in order to facilitate the solutions.

– Reflecting the achievements of our members in the internal media including newspapers, radio shows and the public TV.

– Participating in important events in order to reflect the necessities of our members in the Government, Parliament, MOP,….

– Informing our members of the latest developments in the ministry of petroleum, government, parliament, chamber of commerce, etc.

– Describing our members observations in our publications which is send to key decision making divisions of the government.